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420 Hemp Elopement | An Ivey Photo Styled Shoot

Updated: Apr 26

For literal years, I have wanted to pull together a 420 Styled Shoot, but in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one can imagine the difficulties you run into attempting such a feat. Back in 2018, the US Farm Bill amended Sec. 297A of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 which re-defined hemp and its legal status.

In sum, hemp was excluded from 'marihuana' under the law, allowing for the cultivation and sale of hemp goods, which includes THC derived from hemp.

By happenstance, I had the privilege of meeting the owner of Hemp House, Dwayne Madden, and he, being a creative entrepreneur and out-of-the-box thinker was immediately on board with my idea of doing a 420 themed styled shoot to show how hemp can be an elevated experience when enjoyed responsibly.

So while this shoot may be shocking to some of my neighbors in Tennessee, every product used in this shoot is 100% legal in the State of Tennessee at a Hemp House location near you! (Their link is at the bottom of this post.)

We were so lucky to have Moser Manor Farms host this shoot. While photographing an anniversary celebration for Florist Nicole Frazier, Owner of Trilogy Design Group, at Moser Manor Farms, I mentioned my idea, and they were on board - but the catch was that it was for a date in less than one week to finish it by 4/20. I went into overdrive and grabbed a few more friends (check the captions at the end of this blog) to help me bring this vision to life, and I could not be happier with how this idea of mine came to life with the help of my friends.

Hemp House HOOKED US UP with a variety of products to smoke, eat, and drink.

RANDOM BUT HUMOR ME | Although photography wasn't my first career, it certainly has always been a love of mine. On a summer trip to Savannah, Georgia as a teenager, I became a huge fan of Jack Leigh when I happened to stumble into his studio, formerly located at 132 East Oglethorpe Avenue, closed in December 2007, but his art lives on in my head as some of my all time favorites. As an artist, he taught me to lean into light to make dramatic black and white images. The way the sun was shining on Myryah's face in the garden seemed to me to act like a spotlight illuminating Chris's love for his bride. I sure hope Mr. Leigh would be pleased with how he inspired this next photo, which has earned a spot in my permanent favorites folder...

Bride and Groom during Elopement in a Garden at Moser Manor Farms

I was so thankful to have one of my regular second photographers on my team, Carly, join me for this shoot so that we could soak up all the beautiful light from different angles at the same time. Her perspective KNOCKS ME OUT, and I will be using this shoot to create a "why you should add a second shooter" guide for my clients. I love how seamlessly our perspectives flow together.

I will always be amazed at Nicole of Trilogy Design Group's ability to take a loose idea I have and execute it to a level I could never have even imagined. Her mix of exotic blooms with natural greens of all shades, incorporating hemp into the bouquet, was a true masterpiece bouquet... and she made this ON THE SPOT.

And what would a 420 shoot be if we didn't actually partake in the blessings that Hemp House gave us for this shoot???

The new arbors at Moser Manor Farm are stunning, but I am so excited to see them as the newly planted wisteria takes over. This is going to be a MAGICAL place to get married! But it worked great for us as a smoking lounge for these two.

The art of noticing is one thing that I try to drive home to my media team - not every shot has to be "perfect" but just keep on the lookout for moments. In short, "notice". Big love to my second shooter Carly for noticing this beautiful hold Chris had on Myryah. swoon

Closeup of man's hand on woman's leg during their elopement wedding with gold sparkle dress and black tuxedo wearing a wedding band

Moser Manor Farms creates an immersive experience for guests - from tree swings to an actual on site goat farm. I love it here, because it truly feels like a world away though it's so convenient to Chattanooga. Every time I am there, it's like something new is in full bloom. This tree had begun to shed its petals in the most inviting way to lie down and watch clouds... while making clouds, of course.

After all the weed and walking around, it was time for a snack break! Luckily, my friends Charcateerie and Sweet Angel Cakes had us covered with munchies.

But then edibles got involved...

A brief pause for a groom detail before he gets the party going for himself and his bride...

Weed boutonniere for elopement style wedding in greenhouse venue in Chattanooga, Tennessee

And then the small reception for two became a full blown party... Enjoy the light show! (We were trying to make you feel like you were experiencing it with them!)