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Lawyer turned Photographer

I hung up my suits to pursue my passion.

Capturing your love story is my "me thing"...

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A Little Backstory​


My name is Paige Ivey Evatt, and around here, I sometimes go by "PIE".


In September 2018, I gave up my career as an attorney to pursue my dream of being a creative entrepreneur. Sometimes in life you just need a pivot, and boy did I need one! My husband's encouragement to pick up a camera again was the birth of this business.

In March 2019, this business started as a partnership under a different name. During 2020, so many changes happened (Y'all feel me?!), and the company shifted from a partnership to my solo project. To reflect the changes that already happened in the business, on January 1, 2021, I rebranded as Ivey Photo

I always said I wanted two boys + a girl (who I would name Ivey). I had my 2 boys, but then we decided no more babies! So, this business is my baby girl. Luckily, my guys are willing to share me, because they know how much joy my work has brought into my life. My business philosophy is centered around serving couples and families while producing beautiful portraits. I live my best life when I live it in service to others, and that's why I want to be your wedding photographer. 

I'm living my own love story

During your wedding day, you will likely hear me say something about my own wedding or about my family. I am the most hopeless of romantics, because I'm still living my own love story with my husband Tyler and our two sons. 


I love being a part of your wedding journey and giving you a complete record of the beautiful beginning of your marriage, but I also love seeing you come back throughout the years with your family as your love story continues. I continue to photograph couples and families during weekday evenings, because I know that weddings are only part of the whole picture. As the years continue, the two of you will continue to grow in love for one another. So just like I'm living my love story and having it well documented, I am here to make sure you have the opportunity to do the same - on wedding day + beyond.

The best love stories don't have endings. :)


Your Wedding Photographer


Whether I am at a wedding, on a set, at a styled shoot, or out with friends, I somehow always wind up being the hype woman for the group. I never realized that was "a thing" until adulthood. When it comes down to it - I truly am just a weirdo who happens to love people and love them BIG. 

Your Honorary Bridesmaid


The core to it all is this... I crave connection. I thrive on it!

I don't run my business "normally". My clients have my cell number. We text regularly.

I consider myself your honorary bridesmaid.

When I walk in on your wedding day, I want you to feel relief as if your friend has arrived, not just another vendor. 

And know this... We will have a GREAT time!


If we aren't having fun, we're doing it wrong.

Here is the Warning Label


If you play Lizzo, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, or Bruno Mars during your reception, I am gonna need y'all to give me some dance space for a second, because I'm either spitting every line or dancing my booty off. Either way, it's a sight.


Actual photo of me spitting every line to a Lizzo song promptly after I did my hair toss and checked my nails.

My husband is super proud and not at all mortified.