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Let's Connect!

Connection is the CORE value of my business. Connecting with clients, and capturing YOUR connection is the heartbeat of what I do. I photograph people, but what I love capturing most is the interaction and the special connection individuals share. I truly believe that capturing your connection starts with US being connected!

I have intentionally chosen to serve my clients fully, incorporating them into the Ivey Photo family and becoming their photographer for life. I love when my clients come to me for family photos and celebrations for years after their wedding has come to an end.

This is where most of those relationships begin... Welcome to my CONNECTION page! I don't call it a contact form, because the next step in our journey is seeing if I am the right fit to photograph your wedding. It starts by filling out the form below.

I recommend filling out the form to ensure your date is available before scheduling a consultation. 


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Schedule a Consultation

I recommend using the connection form FIRST to verify that your date and/or session type is available for booking. If you've already done that or you JUST CANNOT WAIT, use the link below to get on my calendar for a consultation immediately. 

Consultation Calendar | Click Here


Please allow up to 72 hours for a response to inquiries.

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