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Melany, Daniel, and Baby Boy | Downtown Chattanooga Maternity Shoot

Updated: Apr 26

I had the privilege of photographing Melany and Daniel's May 2023 wedding, so I was over the moon excited when they asked me to do their Maternity Shoot. Then when she explained her ideas for their shoot, it was the perfect continuation of their wedding day love story...

The couple moved to Chattanooga just a couple of years ago, and they wanted to incorporate the city that has served as the backdrop to the start of their family. As a Chattanooga native, that spoke to my heart! So we started at Chattanooga's famed Coolidge Park, which gave us a perfect view of the famous bridges.

Melany is such an effortless beauty, and I was absolutely taken by her on her wedding day... But seeing her in the glow of pregnancy deserves its own little moment... (Daniel was standing by me during this part of our session saying the absolute sweetest things about his wife. SWOON!)

Side Note: All of my clients receive their full gallery in both color AND black+white. Every time. It came out of me not ever being able to choose favorites between the two and even toying with the idea of being an exclusively black+white photographer (in large part due to my never-ending love for Savannah-based photographer Jack Leigh), but I am a full color personality AND a maximalist. So my clients get BOTH!

Coolidge Park is one of my favorite places to photograph. There are so many places that all photograph so differently, and staying close to the riverfront during golden hour is simply magical, even when taking tightly shot photos.

After playing in the park, we took a quick trip over the river to the 24 Hour Terrace at the Hunter Museum of American Art - another one of my favorite places... While the terrace is known for its view over the river, there's a lesser known side that I always like to use if we show up and another photographer is using the area, as it is quite a popular spot for photos and stays open to the public unless it's closed for a private event. And when we showed up, of course, there was someone else using the area. So we snuck over to my favorite little hiding spot...

We timed it perfectly to get the absolute BEST of golden hour on that terrace!

Downtown Chattanooga Waterfront Maternity Session featuring Coolidge Park and the Hunter Museum 24 Hour Terrace
Golden Hour Maternity Session at the Hunter Museum 24 Hour Terrace

Situated just steps from the Walnut Street Bridge, the famous Bluff View Art District, and The Edwin Hotel, you can see why it's a popular spot! The views can't be beat.

Daniel couldn't stop kissing Melany's tummy during our shoot, and it honestly made me so giddy excited to see a couple so in love and about to bring new life in the world together.

So many people ask why do maternity photos, and for these two, it's a wonderful way to include their family and friends - who are all over the place - to share in this special moment with them. Some of the happiest and most exciting times of a couple's relationship is when they are about to embark on the journey of parenthood together... And I personally am feeling a little safer knowing that someone with all of Melany's sweet nature and intelligence with Daniel's calm confidence and love of laughter and will be joining us soon.

Downtown Chattanooga Waterfront Maternity Session featuring Coolidge Park and the Hunter Museum 24 Hour Terrace
"Mom and Dad"

I adore both of you and cannot wait to see you as parents to this sweet boy... Name pending. :)

Thank you for trusting me to capture another season of your love-filled life. I'm so excited to meet this sweet boy!



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