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Romantic Couples Rooftop Sunset Session in Chattanooga, Tennessee


One of the things people said when I started this business was that clients will become friends before friends become clients, but Breanna came straight in and said that theory was bonkers. She has been an Ivey Photo fan from day one, and I absolutely LOVE any chance I get to catch up with her and her husband Nathan. When they booked an anniversary shoot, I was flat out OBSESSED with the idea.

These two have earned a special place in our hearts by gifting our youngest his favorite white blanket. If you have known our little one for any time at all, you have no doubt seen his blanket, with a sweet little prayer about a baby written on it. Nathan was the one to show up to our baby shower and gift it to us!

This session is one of my absolute favorites I've ever done, and these two did so many things RIGHT, so I wanted to share some tips with you on how to have a PERFECT rooftop session.

TIP ONE | Dress for your location. Rooftops are scarcely "fancy" so don't be scared to keep it casual. These two decided to play into the natural tones of sunset and the mountainous areas of Chattanooga for their session, which I absolutely loved. It allowed the focus to be on their connection - which is ALWAYS the point!

TIP TWO | Come ready to get cuddly! I love when I have been snapping candids of couples for awhile when they say, "What should we be doing?" When you two are in a natural state and engaging with one another, I fully encourage getting lost in the moment and forgetting I'm there. Think of it as a romantic date night with a little tagalong friend (hi, that's me!).

TIP THREE | BRING MINTS. Couples who can go from kissing to laughing and back again over and over again are definitely my kind of couples. You're going to be put into some positions that you can't help but kiss one another. There is also lots of whispering and closeness happening. Bad breath can really damper the mood, so pop one before we start! BUT...

TIP FOUR | NO GUM! That's all I'm saying about that.

TIP FIVE | A BIG ONE. Listen to your Photographer when it comes to lighting times! An experienced photographer will know when that golden hour hits. This is CRUCIAL for a rooftop session. If you go during a time of day when there is harsh light, you will have unflattering light and harsh shadows. You want that golden light to balance out the harshness of the concrete.

TIP SIX | Even if you have a fear of heights, you don't have to worry. This shot was created using a barrier in the parking lot but looks like they are on the edge of the garage. It's all about angles. :)

TIP SEVEN | Don't skip out on BLUE HOUR! Everyone talks up golden hour, but blue hour immediately follows sunset and provides a cool glow as opposed to the warm glow of golden hour. And I love them BOTH.

TIP EIGHT | Don't be scared to ask for solo shots! Not only do these make for great headshots and updated profile pictures but your significant other often wants a photo of JUST you. And there's something kind of sweet about that.

TIP NINE | Accessorize but keep it natural to your own style. If you never wear a hat, it may not be the best idea to wear one for a photoshoot. Are cool shoes more your thing? Show them off! Keep your photoshoot outfit authentic to your personal style but find a way to make a style statement in some kind of way - even if it's just a piece of statement jewelry. But if you ARE a hat girl, I am always here for a hat moment!

TIP TEN | Try a trend. Ask your photographer if there is a trend they've been wanting to try. You may get surprised at the creative spark that comes out of them! For this shoot, I wanted to play around with some nighttime photography and direct flash, and they loved the idea. It turned out even better than I thought as the background was still exposed showing some YUMMY sunset colors along with some night lights on the waterfront.

BONUS TIP | Remember that this is about capturing YOUR LOVE STORY. You don't have to go get a new outfit or be overly concerned with looking perfect. Don't let that be the reason you put off having memories preserved with your special someone. Everyday moments are sometimes the ones that mean the most, and your love story deserves to be preserved far beyond your wedding day.

Thanks to Nathan and Breanna for carving out the time to celebrate your anniversary with me! I had a blast with the two of you and look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you in the future.


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