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New Year's Eve Engagement Elopement at The Turnbull

I have always wanted to photograph a New Year's wedding, but those spots on my calendar have stayed empty the last few years. So if the magic doesn't come to you, you make the magic! I worked together with Tipsy Tin + Kristina Armstrong to create a New Year's Eve Elopement that will leave you starry eyed.

Indoor venues often have trouble with lots of natural light, but not the Turnbull. I love this indoor venue with loads of natural light pouring in. It was the perfect place to celebrate on a rainy day too!

The most incredible team came together to make this happen. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and check the full roster, but these jewels by Jill Zaleski and florals by Trilogy Design Group are to die for!

Jessica + Aaron are engaged and will be married this year! What a fun way for them to celebrate the new year - their wedding year! Aaaaaand if you didn't toast in the New Year with disco ball cups, did you even toast in the New Year?!

This next portrait is a prime example of why I love using REAL couples as models for my shoots. Modeling experience isn't necessary but that fire between the two of you most definitely is...

Twinkly lights, sparkly things, sweet kisses... Oh, my love photographer heart is happy looking at this one...

But it can't all be kisses and cuddles. Tipsy Tin came through with the party while Trilogy Design Group made sure to keep it gorgeous.

I love Elsa! This is Tipsy Tin's little sister, perfect for tighter spaces, indoor venues, and smaller events. And she's a beauty all by herself, but plop Jessica + Aaron in front of her and.... WOWZA.

You can have a wedding florist... Or you can have a wedding floral designer.

Jill Zaleski blew me away with her designs for this shoot. Never underestimate a perfectly placed statement piece.

We LOVE LOVE, and we're gonna celebrate it everyday - but especially today!


I don't know about you...

but I'm feelin' 2022.

After the last couple of years, this shoot was a wonderful way to welcome in some fun energy, new possibilities, and all that 2022 has to offer! It's looking good so far...

And while we were all together, I had my girl Penny, owner of Tipsy Tin, step in front of the camera for some headshots. How cute is my girl?!?! In a year that was tough for entrepreneurs, Penny has been a trusted friend who has helped me navigate all the seasons of entrepreneurship. I'm so thankful for her!

And then there is Kristina. Penny introduced us at her vow renewal, and we had instant friendship chemistry! We have wanted to collaborate professionally since we met, and this was such a great experience and PROVES that collaboration over competition is ALWAYS the way to go. There is room for all of us, and it's amazing what we can accomplish when we lift each other up!

AND THEN Kristina took some photos of me!! She took these and sent them to me. I love her work and am a big fan! It's also so important as a photographer to step in front of the camera regularly so I know what it feels like for YOU! Truth is... It's awkward being in front of the camera, and I also say, "What do I do with my hands?!" LOL!

But just like I will tell y'all, the sooner you loosen up and have fun, the better your pictures will be!

MAN! Seeing the culmination of all the teamwork has been a magical experience that has reinforced why I LOVE styled shoots! And there are plenty more in store for 2022 that I can't wait to share with you!

Click here if you are a vendor interested in collaborating with me for future styled shoots.

Click here if you are interested in talking with me about photographing your wedding.

Want to know who helped make the magic happen and hire them for your own wedding or event?


Published | Wedding Chicks

Photographer | Me, duh

Hosts | Me (again!), Kristina Armstrong Photography, + Tipsy Tin

Models | Jessica Eubanks + Aaron Henderson

Hair + Makeup | Jessica Eubanks

Jewelry | Jill Zaleski's One of a Kind Jewelry

Venue | The Turnbull

Bar | Tipsy Tin

Florals | Trilogy Design Group

Coordination | Heart Pine Planning

Video | Ty in the Sky


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