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Kyla + Will | Engaged

Updated: May 7, 2021

I have scheduled styled shoots in the past for myself, but I recently had the chance to co-host a styled shoot where other photographers purchased tickets and attended. It was a big goal I had set for myself for 2021, but when a friend reached out to me and asked to co-host a styled shoot, I knew my time had come! We worked really hard, and I am just gonna say it... It came together BEAUTIFULLY, and we both felt like proud mamas! It was certainly no solo effort, and we had lots of help in the form of a KILLER list of vendors. Two that came in super handy for this portion of the styled shoot were Sweets by Aneka Joy and Scenic City Picnics who put together this beautiful setup for our models, Kyla + Will!

Now, onto the stars of this picnic, Kyla + Will...

In addition to being downright adorable, they were perfect for this, because they got engaged just a week before our shoot! Can you imagine?! One week after their engagement, they had an engagement pictures done with over a dozen different photographers! And romance was still lingering from their dream engagement in Savannah, and they came prepared with plenty of snugglin! (I love snuggling. Snuggling is my favorite.)

And they laugh as much as they snuggle, and although I may not be an expert, I'm pretty sure that's the magic combination to a happy marriage.

But we got a little preview of how the cake cutting is gonna go down at their 2022 wedding, and if this is any indication, their wedding is gonna be LIT! I love how even when they're smashing cake in each other's faces, it's still playful.

This tree swing is just one of the many details around the property at Hidden Springs Venue that make it so special.

It took a moment to figure out how to get them both in there, but once they were there, they didn't wanna get out! Not that we were complaining... They look pretty sweet in there. :)

The Thistle Styling Suite at Hidden Springs Venue is a posh spot perfect for lounging, getting ready, and an overnight stay on the property. It also made a great spot to hang out in the air conditioning as it got a little toasty!

My favorite kinds of sessions are ones where the couple seems to forget I'm there! Kyla + Will are so into each other, it's like they're in their own little world. That's a good thing since they're about to become their own family. :)

These two have the time of their lives .

Thank you to the vendors who made this magic possible, and congratulations to Kyla + Will on your engagement!


PHOTOGRAPHER | Ivey Photo, Paige Ivey Evatt

VENUE | Hidden Springs Venue

MODELS | Kyla Jolly + Will Godsey

HAIR | Alexis Holloway, The Big Tease Salon

PICNIC | Scenic City Picnics

DESSERTS | Sweets by Aneka Joy

DÉCOR | Sittin Pretty Rentals

DÉCOR | Loga Weddings


CO-HOSTS | Ivey Photo + Ashley Overby Photography

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