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The last of the three couples from the Spring 2021 Content Shoot is Kaitlyn and John, but they are certainly not last in my heart! These two are so fun and true newlyweds having just gotten married in the last year or so, and I love how much these two love to laugh with one another.

We started off getting ready at the Thistle Styling Suite at Hidden Springs Venue. Alexis Holloway, owner and lead stylist of The Big Tease Salon treated our models by coming on site for hair styling. Her sweet energy on set started everyone off with positivity and not to mention fabulous hair!

Reminding myself to make a follow up appointment with my girl. :)

Another fun part of this shoot was having two totally different flat lay invitation options! We went with something colorful and fun for Kaitlyn and John that would still pick up the beautiful blush tones of our linens from White Table.

Pull in a flower from Dunlap Flower Shop, the Kate Spade cake cutting set from my own wedding, and a rose quartz knick-knack I brought from home and voila! Flat lay dreams. :)

One of the fun things about this shoot in particular was getting to do some things in unusual places. This stone step caught my eye, and since there were no guests, I got to try this out where there would usually be some foot traffic.

Sweets by Aneka Joy came up with these adorable custom sweet treats to finish out our cake table, and it was the sweetest kind of torture to have to work around them for hours before getting to eat them, especially those mojito lollipops made with real mint!

But this three tiered cake was, perhaps, the greatest treat of all.

These custom vow books by Dischler Designs help make the reason for it all -those vows- a special detail. Accessories by Monica's Bridal gave it that little extra wow factor.

After making sure that everyone was off to a good start, I joined in with one of the groups that had started working with Kaitlyn and John, and I could tell immediately that they were naturals in front of the camera! When I'm walking up on a booty grab, I know that these are my kind of people!

We noticed immediately that the light in this open field where they have many ceremonies was just downright yummy.

These two are definitely still living that newlywed life, and it shows! The way that Kaitlyn snuggles John up is the absolute sweetest. It's like they are in their own little world, and I love that!

Buuuuuuuuuuut let's be real... The star of the show was Onyx. His natural curiosity about his parents got me laughing!

I also love I can say silly things like "Farmer and his wife, but make it sexy," and they knew exactly what to do! lol

See that little in their own little world thing?

See how helplessly adorable it is?

This is why I love working with real couples. You can't fake this!

Leading up to the shoot, I had this pose specifically in mind for these two, and man... It's hard as a creative sometimes to hold it together when your vision comes to life.

"Wrapped up in you..."

Onyx, being a faithful companion, was never too far from mom or dad throughout the shoot. And, being completely honest, we sold out of tickets as soon as we posted Onyx's face on our promotional materials, so we had a good feeling that including him would work in our favor.

When John went in for my favorite - the dip kiss - Kaitlyn still had some treats in her hand, and that just goes to show - kids don't care. LOL

We stopped all the romance for some family photos.

And this is another shot that I had dreamed about leading up to our shoot... And I have booked at least four pet sessions since posting this image. And ya know what... I'm honestly SO HAPPY about that.

Hidden Springs Venue was absolutely made with photographers in mind when they included this giant white wall on the front of the barn. I love the variety they kept in mind for photos when building this beautiful place!

We had a lot of models, but not one came close to being as photogenic as these gorgeous guy.

I've mentioned in the blog (and my clients know) that during our session, I will likely hit you with some sort of prompts to get you talking to one another. It was at this point in the shoot that I told Kaitlyn to tell John something she loves, in particular, about his face. She responded with, "Umm, all of it?"

Listen... Being in front of a camera can make you a little nervous, and at the time, she seriously couldn't think of a single thing to say, and she and I both started giggling.

So John decided to flip her over in the chair! LOL!

Onyx coming to check out the situation but then being totally uninterested in helping was HYSTERICAL! Photographers came from all around the venue to see what had me laughing until I was crying!

So after we (and by we, I mean me) calmed down from laughing so hard, I had one more photo moment I needed... Listen, some people have strong feelings about whether suspenders are fashionable or not, but I love them for one very important reason: they're great for GRABBING THAT MAN of yours!

And, because of that, I will love them forever.

After I snagged a couple of detail shots...

We broke some rules by taking them to a different part of the property so I could get this fun shot at the porch of the Thistle Styling Suite at Hidden Springs Venue.

Then to the cake table... the real reason we got John to agree to all this!

And if you think that Onyx didn't get to participate, you're crazy. How could you say no to a face like that?!

Spoiler alert: You don't.

I don't do images solely in black and whites often, but this one just had that something special when it was transformed into a black and white image. This is one of those that could have been from 50 years ago and will still be effortlessly timeless 50 years from now.

For the fun part!

Kaitlyn is so cute here. I have nothing else but that.

Onyx wondering if he was forgotten.

Dreams come true. I've seen it happen.

The look of pure and total satisfaction with cake. in. mouth.

I love it!

And in case you were wondering, this cake by Blue Willow Bakery was INCREDIBLE! That middle layer had toffee in it, and I am not even ashamed to say that I fought hard to take a decent chunk of it home.

No regrets.

I see nothing but happy endings ahead for these two and for Onyx too.

Thank you to all the models and amazing vendors who made all of this possible!


VENUE | Hidden Springs Venue

DRESSES, TUXES, + JEWELRY | Monica’s Bridal

MODELS | Kaitlyn, John, + Onyx Fly

HAIR | Alexis Holloway, The Big Tease Salon

MAKEUP | Glammed by Whitney Nicole, The Lashery

FLOWERS | Dunlap Flower Shop

FLORAL DESIGN | Arika Culp with Wedd Assist

DÉCOR | Sittin Pretty Rentals

DÉCOR | Loga Weddings

DESSERTS | Sweets by Aneka Joy

TABLE LINENS | White Table


CO-HOSTS | Ivey Photo + Ashley Overby Photography



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