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Julia + Matthew | Engaged

When Julia told me the words "brunch at Common House" for her wedding reception, I knew that if I didn't book their wedding, I would cry real tears! Luckily, it didn't get to that, because Julia and I connected immediately. When I met her and Matthew at their engagement portrait session, I was immediately struck by how calm + chill they both are. They have the most calming presence about them, and I had a feeling that they probably provide a home base for the friends and family in their lives because of their naturally welcoming nature. We had a blast during their Spring Engagement last year at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. As spring is coming near, and I have LOTS of spring engagement sessions on my schedule, I thought even though this gallery is nearly a year old, it's a great one to get us geared up for spring!

Like most of my clients tell me in consultations, Julia mentioned how they haven't had professional photos taken since their high school senior photos other than being in their friends' weddings, and they were worried feeling comfortable in front of the camera. As you can see, the way that Julia + Matthew have such a natural ease with one another came across very quickly.

I love to have my couples look at one another during our sessions. The way you two look at each other is something that you REALLY need to see from my perspective.

One of my favorite things to do during sessions is to PUT YOU ON THE SPOT. I have lots of fun little games we play during sessions to get you two interacting naturally with one another.

Julia stole my heart when I asked her to tell Matt her favorite thing about him, and she genuinely told him, "I love everything about you." The sweetness in her voice let me know that she genuinely meant what she said, and I have to be honest... I teared up a little! I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, and I don't think that's ever going to change.

Walking into forever never looked so good...

Julia + Matthew planned a November 2021 wedding at Common House in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As we passed this brick, it reminded me of the shades of their wedding venue, so I asked them to stop for just a moment. No regrets.

When looking at photos of these two, the word "home" comes to mind over and over again. Sure, we talked about the home they were in the process of building during their engagement but more so the way they interact with one another. Their connection runs deep. They say to marry the one who feels like home, and I think it's safe to say that's exactly what these two have found with one another.

Even on a busy street, I only have eyes for you.

Perhaps my favorite photo from our session, even though it's hard to pick just one!

Fun fact. Prior to being a full time wedding photographer, I worked as a trial attorney. This little nook was not far from one of the courthouses I used to practice in. I would pass it often and think of how it would make the perfect spot for a photo shoot. When I mentioned the spot to Julia + Matthew, they loved the idea! I'm so glad they did, because these photos have been taking up space in my mind rent free for years now!

I hate to say I told you so about this location, but... No, I don't. I'm pretty thrilled to tell you I was right, actually.

I don't know what it is about abandoned alleyways that is so darn pretty to me, but...

Dreamy, right?

Pure sweetness. :)

Reminiscing through this gallery has me so excited for the spring sessions I have coming up!

Julia + Matthew's wedding day will be featured on the Ivey Photo blog soon! In the meantime, please scroll to the bottom for a list of the vendors who made their wedding day possible.


Julia + Matthew Wedding Day Vendors

DRESS | Mrs. Bridal

DRESS DESIGNER | Justin Alexander

ALTERATIONS | Irina's Alterations

FLORIST | Dunlap Flower Shop

VENUE + CATERING | Common House No. 3 Chattanooga


CEREMONY MUSIC | Somersault Strings

CAKE | Cag's Cakes

DONUTS | Julie Darling Donuts




INVITATIONS | R. Chatfield Co.

WELCOME SIGN | Crafty Chick Decor

OFFICIANT | Shaun Mosley, Elope Chattanooga

HAIR + MAKEUP | Emily Quinton


BRIDESMAIDS JEWELRY | So Blessed Designs on Etsy

ROBES | Kennedy Blue


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