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Howe Farms | The Woodlands Venue Grand Opening

Along with other Chattanooga wedding vendors, I was recently invited to attend the Grand Opening of Howe Farms' latest venue, The Woodlands.

There was nothing to quite prepare me for the majestic scene of The Woodlands when I pulled up. With iron reminiscent of an Italian villa and white stucco with matching white exposed brick, the place looks like a palace. After a heartfelt opening ceremony, we were ushered inside to find a majestic hall that was designed with lots and lots of love.

A breakfast feast was awaiting inside, and I can imagine family and friends filling this space to enjoy a reception meal together.

Food by AlShabibi Catering

As I walked around the venue, it was the details that really did it for me. You can easily see just how much love was poured into this venue. It quickly became one of my favorites of the entire property at Howe Farms.

I absolutely loved the mix of high end materials with more rustic features like iron chandeliers and wood beams. There are enough warm tones throughout to keep the home-like feel of even a large space, but the white throughout is a photographer's dream.

Just beyond the large event hall is a more intimate space that can be used as an indoor ceremony space or perhaps as an entertaining area for guests during the reception. This area could also be used as a back-up in case of rain, but honestly... This space stands alone and would make a beautiful first choice as a backdrop for a winter wedding.

The décor that was provided for the Grand Opening by Lovebirds Planning was exquisite, and I stood quite awhile thinking of all the options that would work in the space. And I thought of a LOT! And truly... You could do such minimal décor in this space, because it has so many gorgeous features throughout as is.

One of the great things about Howe Farms is that each of their venues has its own distinct personality and each include a décor closet with options that are specifically chosen with that particular venue in mind.

Unlike many other indoor venues, I love that the natural light and gorgeous landscapes surrounding the ceremony space make it so that you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of an indoor venue.

Heading back to the bridal suite, I saw another detail that I overlooked as I first walked in. There was so much eye candy that it was hard to take it all in! This huge buffet area with mirrors is immediately upon entry into the venue. What a great space for food service, favors, beverages, and more. I love versatile spaces like this that can be used creatively.

The Bridal Suite was a bit crowded during the tour, but I can't wait to come back and take some time in here! The Bridal Suite has a sunroom attached that reminded me of the sunrooms from the movie Titanic! Howe Farms is known for its exquisite bridal rooms, and this one is one to beat!

Sometimes, the Groom's Suite is overlooked, especially in comparison to the Bride's area, but NOT HERE!!! I also couldn't help but take advantage of this amazing leather sofa and said, "Hey Kristina, take my picture!"

I WISH I could shoot a boudoir session on this couch!

Photo by Kristina Armstrong / Kristina Armstong Photography (Thanks, girlfriend!)

Speaking of, I took a couple shots of Kristina for funsies. :) What a babe!

And while the Bridal Suite has a sunroom, the Groom's Suite has its own private putting green! (Are you kidding me?!)

The walls outside are a photographer's DREAM! I attended the Open House with my friends Kristina (pictured above) and Penny, who owns Tipsy Tin.

She was kind enough to pose for me, but I was so giddy from all the eye candy that I was being goofy and making everyone else laugh apparently. lol

The details of this venue are what get me, y'all. It would be so easy to just throw up white walls, but they take so much time to put in such interesting details, and it shows!

This is the storage shed, and even it is gorgeous.

So, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I totally forgot to take pictures of the outdoor ceremony space, because I got all caught up in the mingling of it all, but the columns in the back reminded me of a modern take on the Parthenon. I WILL be back to capture it, so stay tuned. :)

Once again, here are the vendors who were involved in the Grand Opening. They all did a spectacular job!

FOOD | AlShabibi Catering

DECOR | Lovebirds Planning

MUSIC | DJ Dutty Laundry

RADIO | Mix 104.1

BIZ | Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce


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