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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY | Are you a good mom? Or a BAD MOM?

Maggie is a frequent flyer around these parts and is one of my biggest + best cheerleaders, so it was natural that she booked not only one but TWO sessions for my Mommy and Me minis for both herself + her bestie Amanda. It was an adorable setup, and it made for the sweetest photos... But I told Maggie I had a crazy idea and asked if she was game to free up those two spots and do a photo shoot with a concept I had. From her shrieks on the other end of the phone, I knew we were all systems a-go.

I present to you... for your Mother's Day viewing pleasure... BAD MOMS (with their daughters!)

We started off in a Save-a-Lot. If you are curious as to why, I present to you their security system.

Even still, we stayed masked up, social distanced, and kept it PG... for the most part...

We only almost got kicked.

Props to Dave in the meat department for offering to break this large package of meat up into smaller portions so they didn't have to fight over it. Literally. That happened.

So we decided it was time to take it outside to Mama's Mini Coop...

Since we aren't total jerks, we didn't trash the store.

But there ain't no party like a parking lot party, so let's get to it.

And because Maggie + Amanda are super attentive, Claire + Tristan started playing in a parking lot. Not dangerous at all.

We read all the warning labels on the carts and then promptly ignored all of them.

Meanwhile... The moms are serving as great examples.

And apparently TOTALLY unbothered. Bang.

But before we go...


But hold up... While the moms are inside, little one right here is trying to show off how grown she is.

Now for the real embarrassing stuff...

The girls have had it. So they attempted to pack their ratchet moms up and go home.

Mom is still looking like a snack tho...

And you may have heard about honor among thieves, but there is ridicule among drunk besties.

It's all fun and games until YOU are the one being thrown into the back.

I love how Maggie inside screams, "It's fine! I have snacks!" #TotalMomMove

Ah, they don't care. They have free chauffeurs. HA!

No laws were broken during the making of these photos. But lots of fun was had, and we were not at all decent.

Hair + Makeup | Julia Shimkus, Shear Escape Salon


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